Retirement Portfolio Net Worth – As of Apr 4 - 2018

Well March was another major down month for us. Our stock market holdings dropped $13,056 and we withdrew $500 for a major vehicle repair. I've been investing since the late 90' so I've learned to ignore a lot of the noise of the market. I've ridden out both the tech crash and the financial crisis of 2008.  Although our stock market losses have been huge over the last couple of months I haven't sold anything. The majority of my holdings are fairly stable blue chips so if anything I'll be adding to those holdings as funds become available. Generally, my holding period is forever and I'm confident that like every other stock market crisis this one too will pass. In 10 years from now when you look back on the charts this will be just another small blip. 

I'm also going to continue with the plan I outlined last month to reduce the amount of holdings that I own. My goal is to continue to maintain my average return of approx. 12% a year.

March Contributions: $-500
Retirement Portfolio: $471,405 (down $13,056 stock market loss)
Rental Property #1: $105,000 (lowest estimated selling price)
Rental Property #2: $155,000 (purchase price)

Total Retirement Assets: $731,405  (down $13,056)

Investment Loan: $26,938 (down $1,003)
Rental Property Loan #1: $74,414 (down $520)
Rental Property Loan #2: $153,748 (down $500)

Total Liabilities: $255,100 (down $2,023)

Retirement Portfolio Net Worth: $476,305 (down $11,034)

Dividends Received (year to date): $3,499 (up $1,463)


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