Credentialism and Educational Inflation

Has anyone else noticed that jobs that historically didn’t require any formal education now often require post-secondary credentials. Jobs that required grade 10 now require a High School diploma, High School diploma jobs now have College or University requirements and basic jobs that used to require a University degree now require a Graduate degree.

This rampant credentialism has caused 4 things to occur:

1. On average people are entering the workforce older than they used to.

2. The debt level of students has skyrocketed. The average Canadian post-secondary student now graduates with over $25,000 in debt. While in the United States the average student debt comes in at just over $37,000.

3. Grades have been inflated A- is the new C+. So basically the quality of the programs has been watered down over the years to accommodate the demand.

4. Jobs that don’t actually require post-secondary now do. Post-secondary programs are being developed to accommodate every area of the economy regardless of whether any education is actually required. (ie- 1 year College Certificate in Food and Beverage Service). Really? Many of my friends used to be waitresses and the training was on the job and lasted about a week.

Job Opening: Assistant Manager of shelf replenishment. Must possess university degree and ability to lift 50lbs.

*Fun fact every University Professor with a PhD train 10 replacements for themselves. Where do the other 9 work?


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