FI 3000 Is Born

Well here it goes. I’m 37, married with 2 kids, we own 2 vehicles a modest house and a small cottage. We both work in government type positions with government type pay.  So all in all very middle class. Actually, we may be the very definition of middle class.  So what sets up apart from every other middle class family? Well, the answer is not much…except for one thing. I have a goal, in 8 years, approximately 3000 days (thus Financial Independence 3000 is born) I plan on having enough money for us to continue our middle class lifestyle without the need to continue working. Based on our relatively modest lifestyle this is going to take approximately $1,000,000 and no debt. I’ll go over how I’m going to go about accomplishing this in my next few posts.


  1. Glad I found your site! It looks awesome and I'm looking forward to following your journey. Thanks!

  2. thanks PI Dude and congrats on getting that 3rd unit rented.


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