Retirement Portfolio Net Worth – As of Jan31-2018

Well we basically just treated water this month. No new contributions were made as most of my time and effort was spent getting our second rental house fixed up and on the market. Other than my free time I spent a grand total of about $3000 renovating the house. Well… the work paid off and I have a tenant who will begin renting it Feb 1 (today!). So hopefully, the cash outflows will stop and the house will start paying for itself.

As far as the stock market goes, I was basically even for the month. I sold 2 of my higher yielding more interest sensitive REITs and picked up some NWL for a long term hold. The numbers are below.

Jan Contributions: $0
Retirement Portfolio: $493,737 (down $3,651 stock market loss)
Rental Property #1: $105,000 (lowest estimated selling price)
Rental Property #2: $155,000 (purchase price)

Total Retirement Assets: $753,737 (down $3651)

Investment Loan: $28,943 (down $1498)
Rental Property Loan #1: $75,439 (down $665)
Rental Property Loan #2: $154,715 (down $574)

Total Liabilities: $259,097 (down $2737)

Retirement Portfolio Net Worth: $494,640 (down $915)

Dividends Received (year to date): $956


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