Retirement Portfolio Net Worth – As of Dec29-2017

The goal is a retirement portfolio net worth of $1,000,000 and an annual passive income of $40,000. We are currently mortgage free but won’t be including the value of our principal residence or cottage as we have no plans to sell either. We have also omitted the value of our workplace defined benefit pension plans and our childrens RESPs.

Dec Contributions: $2200
Retirement Portfolio: $497,389 (up $4,832,stock market gains $2,632 + $2,200 contribution)
Rental Property #1: $105,000 (lowest estimated selling price)
Rental Property #2: $155,000 (purchase price)

Total Retirement Assets: $757,389 (up $159,832)

Investment Loan: $30,441(down $997)
Rental Property Loan #1: $76,104 (down $507)

Rental Property Loan #2: $155,289

Total Liabilities: $261,834 (up $153,785 due to new rental purchase)

Retirement Portfolio Net Worth: $495,555 (up $6047)

Dividends Received (year to date): $13,085 (up $782)

Well December was a decent month with our retirement portfolio rising by another $6047. The other obvious big news of the month is that we purchased another rental house. I wrote about that purchase here. My main goal for January is to quickly complete the minor renovations to the new rental and hopefully get a tenant in there for February 1. 


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