Purchased Another Rental Unit

Well we’re doing it again. We’ve purchased another rental home. Our most recent purchase is a detached, 3 bedroom, single family, 2 story home in a decent area of town. Unlike our other rental this one will appeal more to families. There is a large fully fenced yard so we’ve decided we are going to allow pets (many landlords in our area do not) which should appeal to higher income earning pet lovers.

The house is currently vacant and is move in ready. However, I’m going to add a half bathroom on the main level, replace some flooring in the bedrooms and do a long list of smaller aesthetic fixes ie-painting etc…I’m hoping to have all this completed by mid January however, as anyone who’s done renovations knows timelines often have to get stretched.

Once the renovations are complete we’re going to try and rent the home for what we believe is the top end of what comparable rentals go for. This is a learning experience for us so we figure if after a few weeks we don’t get any bites with our aggressive price we can always relist it a bit lower.


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