Do You Like Your Job?

Has anyone ever asked you do you like your job? If you answered “no I hate my job” this is an easy question. The question becomes more complicated if you answered yes.

For those of you that answered “yes I like my job” that’s great. Now let me ask you another question. If you didn’t need the money would you do it for free? If you answered yes to this than boy am I envious. Well what about this one - would you do it full time for the next 30 years?

You see I like my job but I don’t love it and I definitely wouldn’t do it for free. Even if I did love my job I know I definitely wouldn’t want to do it for the next 30 years. Actually, I don’t think there’s anything in the world that I’d want to do for 40hrs a week for the next 30 years. I like doing lots of things fishing, reading, investing, hiking, hunting, watching movies, oiling up super models but I wouldn’t want to “have” to do any of them for 40 hours a week for the next three decades. Even if I got the elusive swimsuit model oiling technician position I’m pretty sure after about 6 months of full time I’d wake up to the alarm at 6AM and think “god can’t they just oil themselves up!”.

That’s why I’m pursuing FI it’s not that I hate my job, I just want to have the option to not work when/if I hit the point where I feel like I don’t want to anymore.


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