Retirement Portfolio Net Worth – As of June 1 - 2018

Well we basically treaded water this month with a measly $3,335 increase to the retirement portfolio. We have a few vacation related expenses coming up in June but I'm hopeful that we'll still be able to contribute at least a few thousand towards the retirement account as we have a healthy cash position in our saving account. I'm also considering initiating a position in either Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP.UN) or Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP).

I'm also really looking forward to breaking the $500,000 retirement networth. I know it's more psychological than anything else but it gives me a sense of comfort to know that we in theory have half a million dollars of assets just sitting in the closet.

May Contributions: $2625
Retirement Portfolio: $487,708 (up $1317 -$1,308 stock market loss + $2625 contribution)
Rental Property #1: $105,000 (lowest estimated selling price)
Rental Property #2: $155,000 (purchase price)

Total Retirement Assets: $746,391  (up $1,317)

Investment Loan: $24,925 (down $1,007)
Rental Property Loan #1: $73,394 (down $517)
Rental Property Loan #2: $152,797 (down $492)

Total Liabilities: $251,116 (down $2,018)

Retirement Portfolio Net Worth: $496,595 (up $3,335)

Dividends Received (year to date): $5,387 (up $522)


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