We’re Old

Well it’s official as a planet we’re getting old.  According to the US Census Bureau sometime in the next 4 years the global population over 65 will surpass those under 5. Obviously the ratio of old to young will be greater in developed countries where the birth rate is much lower than in developing countries. Take these examples:
  • In 2016 in Canada for the first time there were more seniors (65+) than there were children 14 and under. Roughly 16% of the population is 65+
  • In the United States it’s around 15%
  • Japan 26%
  • Germany 21%
  • Greece 21%
  • France 19%
  • Sweden 20%
  • Switzerland 19%
  • United Kingdom 18%
  • Well you get the idea...
Here’s a short list of some companies that should benefit from the wave of seniors who like the rest of us keep getting older.

Walgreen (WAG)
CVS Caremark (CVS)
Loblaws (L)

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
Pfizer (PFE)
Glaxo (GSK)
Merck (MRK)
Medical Devices
-Stryker (SYK)
-Medtronic (MDT)
-Boston Scientific (BSX)

-Chartwell Retirement Residences (CHS.UN)
-Extenticare (EXE)
-Sienna Senior Living (SIA)
-Ensign Group (ENSG)

*I have positions in 6 of the above stocks.


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