Things Everyone Should Know how to Do

When referring to life’s basic skills I often hear the excuse “oh I’m not very good at that kind of thing”. Really? What that says to me is either:

1. You are extremely lazy and/or
2. You have peaked mentally and have no ability to learn anything new.

Here’s my list of must knows:
1. Change a Tire
2. Build a Retirement Portfolio
3. Cook at least 2 meals that are better than average
4. Run 3 Miles
5. Use a screwdriver
6. Backup your computer
7. Do your own taxes
8. Typing (insane if you use a computer everyday and don’t know how)
9. Setup and Connect home electronics
10. Basic Time Management
11. Basic Carpentry
12. Critical Thinking
13. Jump Start a Car
14. Put together Ikea furniture
15. Basic Plumbing
16. Understand the basics of how the internet works
17. Change your Oil
18. Convert a fraction to a percent
19. Fix Basic Computer Issues

Did I miss any?


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