Retirement Portfolio Net Worth – As of May 1- 2017

- 2922 Days until Retirement -

The goal is an investment portfolio of $1,000,000 and an annual passive income of $40,000. We are currently mortgage free but won’t be including the value of our principal residence or cottage as we have no plans to sell either. We have also omitted the value of our workplace defined benefit pension plans and RESPs.

April Contributions: $0
Retirement Portfolio: $476,479 (up $3,862 - stock market gains)


Investment Loan: $41,102 (down $1,305)
Retirement Portfolio Net Worth: $435,377 (up $5,167)

* Dividends Received (year to date): $4275 (up $1,190)

We didn’t make any new contributions this month as I’m currently in the process of closing on my first rental property. I want to keep some powder dry to in order to fund some improvements before renting it. Next month I’ll be including the new equity/debt and cash flow of the new rental. 


  1. Awesome total for your dividends received so far in 2017. Would love to see which companies are in your portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Keith. Maybe I'll start including where the dividends come from. I currently have 60+ positions. Approx 65% CDN, 20%US and 15% International. Ideally I want to bring down the CDN % down to between 50 and 55 and increase US and international.


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